April 4, 2019


Get on a relaxing journey away from Dubai and experience the morning desert safari which keeps you away from the responsibilities. Having a tough week at the new job? Book your guide for a morning desert safari and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Tired of roaming around the shopping malls? Get away from the city for a  45 minutes drive and reach the morning desert safari. Let me tell you morning desert safari has it all. From the tranquility to the adventure, morning desert safari will serve you everything you want.


As now you’ve reached the morning desert safari, get yourself a bit relaxed. You’ll be guided to a restroom following the toilet facilities so that you can freshen up yourself. Get ready for a crazy adventure that goes wild up and down the steep sand dunes. Watch out for camels and beautiful birds chirping across the desert. Morning desert safari would definitely give you a refreshing feeling while you get to see the desert full of beauty. Dune bashing at the morning desert safari would last for around 45 minutes.


This activity is gaining immense popularity amongst people in the morning desert safari. You won’t regret trying the roller coaster you are about to ride on your own. Pick up some friends along to experience the adventure, if not then make friends around you and give it a try. Trust me, this activity at the morning desert safari is all you want if you’re looking for some time with the blowing wind and you.


How about driving rough at the morning desert safari without any fear of bumping into someone? Isn’t it amazing?  well, quad biking is riding on a bike on the rough and high sand dunes with a feeling of freedom across the desert. How about organizing a competition with fellow bikers around you? It would be so much fun when you would want to finish it off earlier than ever. Quad biking at the morning desert safari is your go-to sport, trust me.


Instead of riding and driving, you now need a relaxing time. how about riding on the camel at the morning desert safari? When you are done with all the back to back activities get on the camel ride across the desert and enjoy the traditional activity. Have you ever wondered how it would’ve been for the nomads living for centuries in the harsh conditions, now since it has modernized may things have changed.


How is a journey complete without chit-chatting with your friends and smoking sheesha along with it. Well, morning desert safari is exclusive and gives an opportunity to enjoy yourselves at the fullest. There is an option for food as well if you want, but during the day time smoking sheesha would be a perfect end to your amazing visit at the morning desert safari. For more details visit; www.desertsafaritrip.com

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