Changing The Concept Of A Desert With Dubai Desert Safari

Changing The Concept Of A Desert With Dubai Desert Safari

May 14, 2019


What are the thoughts which goes through your mind when you think about the word “desert”? Your answer would be a barren land. A place is full of sand. So dry and why would a person think of spending time at a desert. You are right but what if I say that there is a desert which offers many interesting activities and it is full of fun and it seeks the attention of many people. No, I am not wrong. The place is known as Dubai desert Safari.

What is Dubai Desert Safari?

It is the most electrifying experience and it covers most of the fun activities and will change your concept about the desert. Who would think of spending morning or night at a desert but Dubai desert safari offers amazing morning, evening and overnight activities that you won’t be able to stop yourself from planning a trip to Dubai Desert Safari.

Morning Desert Safari:

We start our mornings with a cup of tea and no one will ever be thinking of spending the morning at a desert but morning Dubai desert safari is here to make your mornings amazing. You get to encounter the most rip-roaring activities like quad biking, sand skiing, sand boarding, dune bashing, camel riding only at Dubai desert safari. For dune bashing, the drivers are well trained and you will love off-roading. The cars are well maintained and I am sure you won’t complain.

Evening Desert Safari:

Do you want to have a splendid evening and that too at a desert? Then what are you waiting for? Come to Dubai desert safari and exploit the famous sunset photography at Dubai desert safari. You can enjoy all the activities like camel riding, quad biking, and famous dune bashing. Record the best moments of your life. This will add some spice to your social media accounts too.

Overnight Desert Safari:

Spending night at a desert. Sounds boring but trust me this is so much fun. Camp activities at night will lit your mood and you will enjoy so much that the hardest part would be leaving. The activities are so entertaining like fire shows, tanoura shows, Dubai is serious about its traditions so there are traditional costumes. Apart from this, there is henna art, belly dancing and it is so much fun.


If you are tired and want to enjoy dinner at a desert then Dubai desert safari is the best option. Buffet and barbeque are arranged. Enjoy unlimited soft drinks and tea and make your dinner the best one. Take your friends and your family with you.

What else?

You don’t have to worry about pick and drop because Dubai desert safari takes all the responsibilities and will provide you the best services. You can come with your friends and family and make your vacation unforgettable.

Private Safari:

Dubai Desert Safari offers private safari and you can hire a car which will pick you from your location which means you can take your partner or friends or family members for the craziest ride of your life.

Group Bookings:

If you want to take a maximum number of people with you then don’t worry we can arrange camps for you. We will take care of it. You will get to experience dune bashing and after that camp activities will be waiting for you at Dubai Desert Safari.

What are your plans now? Just forget everything and Dubai desert safari is I am sure on top of your list now. Right? Hurry up don’t miss this amazing opportunity. You will love it.

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