Dubai Desert Safari

Desert Safari Dubai and its overnight camping experience

April 2, 2019

All of us are in search of peace these days. We are so busy in our daily life routines that we are unable to take out some time for ourselves to relax or to chill. When we get tired of working the whole day, we get the night to relax. But following the same routine, every day can make any person bore and will make them feel frustrated because of a lot of burdens and activities. Many people call themselves by taking themselves out to other countries for spending vacations. The question arises that which place to go to find some peace and to relax? I have an answer to this, which is Desert Safari Dubai at night.

Dubai Desert Safari:

Desert safari is a very famous desert in Dubai. The unique activities are what make this place special. This desert is all covered by vast red sand dunes. The redness of the sand dunes is what makes the desert safari look more and more beautiful. Once you enter this desert you will never feel like going back. Activities of this desert play a major role in increasing tourist attraction. The best part of this desert is that it looks beautiful at all times of the day either it is in the morning or in the evening or at night. But the question is which one is the best among these 3 times of the day to visit Desert safari Dubai. The answer to this question can be at night time which is called as overnight camping at desert safari Dubai.

Overnight camping at Desert Safari Dubai:

Have you ever spent your night in a desert? If no, then you must not be aware of the kind of experience that a desert can give at night. You can get this experience by booking your deal for overnight camping at Desert safari Dubai. The amount of peace that you will get by spending a night at Desert safari can’t be explained in words. The peaceful vibes here a desert safari at night time is the reason why people come here. To experience the peaceful vibes in real you have to book your deal for it.

Activities in overnight camping at Dubai Desert Safari:

The activities here are so unique that no other activity at any other place will give you the amount of fun that night camping at desert safari will give. Let me tell you about each activity that is a part of overnight camping, below:

Tanoura Dance:

It is the most famous activity here. It is a kind of Sufi Dance. In this dance, the tanoura dance experts move round and round in circles. This kind of dance is a source of a lot of peace.

Fire Show:

The most exciting activity here is the Fire show. People who are expert at it performs it in the best way they can.

Belly Dance:

The most entertaining activity here at night camping. It is loved by many people.

Henna Art:

It is a very special part of overnight camping at the desert safari. You can decorate your hands by henna without going to a painful procedure.

BBQ dinner:

The last part of overnight camping is this dinner which is very tasty and is loved by everyone who visits desert safari Dubai at night. These were all the activities that take place in overnight camping at desert safari Dubai. To experience these in real, Book your deal now at

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