Dubai desert safari-Not an average desert.

Dubai Desert Safari Not An Average Desert

July 18, 2019

Dubai is a famous city of the United Arab Emirates and the way it has transformed as in from old Dubai is highly appreciable. There are so many exciting places to visit and one such place is Dubai desert safari. The place is full of wonders. Have you ever witnessed the beauty of the Sand dunes? Desert is not just about Sand. It is more about adventures and entertainment. You must be thinking why to choose a Desert? So let me answer you. Desert is not just a vacant place. It is actually beautiful. The sunrise and the sunset look more beautiful in the desert. Do witness the night view at a desert at least once in your life. You will love it. We visit a place usually because of two reasons. First is the beauty of the place because beauty attracts people and the second reason is the adventurous or entertaining activities. What if you get both of the things in one place. The desert I am talking about is desert safari Dubai. It is not an average desert and it has so much to offer.

Wow, what a beauty!

The Arabian desert is actually beautiful and the red Sand dunes is a major attraction. Visit the desert early morning or in the evening or at night. You will fall in love with the beauty of the desert. If I talk about the adventures and entertainment stuff then it has some good stuff to offer. The activities are according to the time. Adventurous activities are available in the morning and in the evening while camp activities are available in the evening and overnight.

Are you fond of adventures?

If you are venturous and love to adventure then you will love the adventures of Dubai desert safari. Dune bashing is for crazy souls. It is an electrifying ride over the Sand dunes in a land cruiser usually. Quad biking is another activity. If you love bikes and have never tried a quad bike then do try. Desert is a perfect place for quad biking. Sand skiing is also interesting. Sand dunes are perfect for such activities. Camel riding is also available. Camel is an amazing creation of God. They are so humble and traversing the desert with a camel is fun.

Watch the sunrise or the sunset. Admire the beauty of the sky. The view is so mesmerizing. Click the pictures of all the events. The way the sky changes its color with time.

Camping is fun

For entertainment try camp activities. They include tanoura show, fire show, Arabic costume photography, henna art, belly dancing and listen to some good Arabic music. Have your dinner. Both barbeque and buffet are available. You can also sleep in the desert. Witness the beauty of the night.

Book your trip

Book your trip with us and I am sure you won’t regret. We offer morning desert safari, evening desert safari, and overnight desert safari. The packages are amazing and the deals are really good. Visit the Dubai desert safari and have the best time of your life here.

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