Experience an overnight desert safari at the Arabian Desert.

Experience An Overnight Desert Safari At The Arabian Desert

July 18, 2019

The night is a peaceful time. The temperature is cool at night. The stars look like pearls on the sky and the way they sparkle and not just the stars but the moon also adds beauty to the sky. The whole view is so enthralling. Spending night at a forest or spending the night at a beach is something that we all have experienced at least once and in our whole life and it is so common but have you ever thought of spending a night at a desert? I have an amazing deal. I am talking about the Dubai desert safari. We offer overnight desert safari. It covers all the entertainment stuff.

What is an overnight desert safari?

The overnight desert safari is all about camping. The camp activities are so entertaining. We will provide you with pick and drop service so our driver will pick you from your respective location and will take you to the desert at the campsite. There are many camps over there. After reaching the camp, get ready for amazing camp activities. Let me brief you about the camp activities.

The Folkloric Dance

Tanoura show is on the top at desert safari Dubai. It represents Arabic culture and it is a folk dance so it is actually very close to the people living there so this is a must-watch. Tanoura show is a kind of folk dance and the performers wear a Tanoura costume. The Tanoura costume is a special skirt which is full of colors. The performers spin around for 30 minutes continuously and they stop without feeling dizzy or unconscious. This shows that they are well trained and they keep on practicing it. They believe that while performing the tanoura dance they strongly connect to the Sufism.

Playing with fire is an art

The fire show is next. Playing with fire is so difficult but the performers know how to play with it very well. They are so experienced. They use fire strings, fire rings and many fire objects to play with fire. It is an amazing art and it is so fascinating to watch them. Their performance is so fiery and lit. You need guts to play with fire and they are so confident about their job.

Henna is beautiful.

Henna art is another interesting activity in the Dubai desert safari, especially for girls. We apply henna on occasions or festivals. It displays happiness. You will be the happiest person on earth during your rip so you should not miss this chance. Display your happiness with henna. The henna experts are there. They know many henna designs and they also have design books so they will decorate your hands beautifully.

Arabic costume photography.

The national costume of a country represents its culture. Arabic costume represents Arabic culture so wear the Arabic costume and click your pictures in the Arabic costume.

Belly dancing.

Belly dancing is also included in camp activities at Dubai desert safari. The belly dancers create an environment and they dance very well.

You can also stay at the camp after camp activities are over. Spend your whole night at a desert. You can sleep or have a walk in the desert. It is so calm and peaceful.

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