April 7, 2019

Hold your horses!! Obviously if you’ll get to know about all the aesthetic soothing vibes you’ll just get crazy. Dubai is a place which attracts tons of people on daily basis because of its evolving elite culture, modernised curvy beautiful buildings, uncountable entertainment places and a lot more. These are the fundamental needs of tourist because they are looking for some relaxing soothing days with pleasure and amusement.

Dubai has evolved in these years because of growing needs of people. This place has everything one could ask for. If you are coming here for your vacations, you literally made the best decision ever. You’ll never regret spending money here. Not even a bit of it. These days will literally be the best days of your life for sure.

Going to Dubai desert safari is one hell of a thing. You will feel out of this world. It will all seem like magic. This Desert has its own thing which dictionary fails to describe. You really have to come here and see the exceptional beauty by your own eyes and feel every slightest wind in your heart and soul.

Morning in Dubai desert safari:

You are picked from the hotel, taken to the desert in early morning and have scrumptious breakfast under an open sky. This is right in the feels. Capture the best sunrises her.

Activities in Dubai desert safari:

This Desert is none like another and has numerous activities for you and your kids. They will be all happy and enjoy every second spent here.

Firstly you will be having some joyous camel rides. These rides are basically for you to sit on Arabian camel and see the whole desert. This ride is bit bumpy but fun too.

Then comes the quad biking. This is largely approached by youngsters and energetic adults. Escaping the silky sand of the desert and blowing it in the air is so much fun.

Henna: one of the most amazing thing in Dubai desert safari. Arabian women are literally expert in making abstract designs and tattoos with the help of henna on differs parts of your body. People mainly prefer henna to be applied on their palms or legs.

Joyous evening in Dubai desert safari:  there are many jaw dropping activities in the evening

Firstly, there is a belly dance in evening. This is the time of the day when sky is in pretty colours. Usually belly dancers have this quality of gathering crowd easily by their crazy belly dance on Arabian songs and make you all cheerful and happy. They will also encourage yo to dance with them and have couple of laughs and memories with them

Feasting on cuisines:

Rabbani food is literally mouth watering and rich in taste. They give you a variety of food to clean hands on Dubai is a place you surely can’t miss to visit. Just don’t waste time and switch on to and book some amazing deals

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