March 31, 2019


Well, Dubai has been one of the places where tourism shows no sign of slowing. If you’re planning for Dubai holidays you need to know there are a rich history and a fascinating culture other than the skyscrapers. Dubai holidays are so much to do, you won’t even finish it if you want to in less time.

Of course, you’d want to dig in that gold historical culture the Emirate has. Commence your Dubai holidays by getting to know the ancient times and history. 


Here you’d get to witness the sophisticated and simple living style without the glitter and glamour Dubai portrays. Dubai holidays should start from the simple yet overwhelming experience of the souks. Several traders from all over the middle east come to sell their wares which include; Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. 

Your Dubai holidays should also include the Abras which would take you across the creek. These boats are very inexpensive and easily affordable to ride in. Dubai holidays and let’s say everything is incomplete without food; dig into your favorite Indian food available near the souks.


Woah, this has to be the most enjoyable visit for all the females out there. Haha! Dubai holidays are incomplete without visiting the Mall of Dubai situated right beside the Burj Khalifa. Don’t ever even try to underestimate the size of it because kid me not it is huge. Get your hands on some extra expensive designers if you’re willing to and definitely don’t forget to rush to Sephora and buy yourself some makeup. I don’t think Dubai holidays are of any use until you buy makeup. Haha!


You don’t want to miss a chance to visit the mall of Emirates during your Dubai holidays and get your hands on Ski Dubai. A brilliant experience for almost 3 hours, get yourself prepped with the gloves, suit, ski poles, etc. Not to worry if you feel cold, have hot chocolate on your halfway through and enjoy your Dubai holidays to the fullest.


Oh yes, I am talking about Burj Khalifa the worlds tallest building resides in Dubai. It would be unfair if you won’t visit it once during your Dubai holidays. Try to avail the gol       den hour when the ravishing sunsets and you get to capture everything at once; the tallest building and the sun setting. Get yourself some food, sit somewhere near the fountains so that you can enjoy both at once. Here you go your Dubai holidays are worth the hype.


Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say this is the most peaceful yet adventurous experience while you’re on your Dubai holidays. The desert, the steep sand dunes, and the camel riding sums it all up. Oh, no there is a lot more to know. If you are a fan of roller coaster rides, then buckle up yourself and go for Dune bashing, trust me you won’t regret. There are more activities as well; dune buggy, sand boarding, henna painting and a lot of food you would crave for.

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