night camping at desert safari

What amount of pleasure night camping at desert safari can give

February 18, 2019

Night camping at desert safari is the best activity one can have at desert safari. Like if you are planning to visit desert safari so visit it at the night.

Dubai Desert Safari can entertain and calm its visitors at any time of the day whether it’s a morning desert safari, evening desert safari or an overnight camp. But still what I believe is that the amount of peace that you get at night that also a night in deserts is the peace above all kinds of peace. You can get this experience at our overnight camp in Dubai Desert Safari.

Let me take you to some imagination. Imagine that you are sitting in the middle of the desert on an Arabian carpet in a camp which is all lighten up and cold breezes of winds are touching your face. The calmness of the desert has already calm your soul. The darkness of the sky and the bright stars shining on it is giving you an aesthetic view. This view will get more pleasing when you will be there with a friend, partner or any person from your family. You can also take some aesthetic pictures of the sky and can make you social media accounts’ updates beautiful.

What is overnight camp?

In the middle of the desert camp is setup inside which Arabic Carpets are there so that people can sit on it and not on sand. There is an arrangement of number of lights to lighten up the camp. And a number of activities are also there on an overnight camp to entertain you.

Here are the activities one can do in an overnight camp:

Tanoura Dance is the most famous dance in Desert Safari. It is a kind of sufi dance and is enjoyed the most by people. It is a kind of dance which is takes the viewers of it in a different kind of vibes, vibes which cannot be explained in words.

 Henna Art is the second best activity one can enjoy in a Desert Safari Camp. Your hands are decorated with the kind of design you want on your hands by henna. It is a kind of tattoo which is temporary and is painless.

Dinner Enjoy a palatable dinner. You will be served with a special International buffet which has a taste which will last with you your whole life.

Fire Show Group of experienced people will come with fire strings in their hands. Those strings will be thrown in the air one by one repeatedly. This show will last for about 15 to 20 minutes. I promise that you will be left in amazement at the end of the show.

Life is too short to wait for getting this beautiful and pleasing experience.

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