Experience an overnight desert safari at the Arabian Desert.

Spend Your Evening At Dubai Desert Safari

July 18, 2019

The evening is the best time to plan an outing or to go for adventures because the temperature is normal as in not too cold or not too hot. If you are on a trip to Dubai and you get time in the evening and you are confused as to how to make the most of it and where to go then desert safari Dubai is the perfect option. There are so many activities that you can be a part of and you can actually make your evening amazing. We provide a perfect package for the evening and that is evening desert safari. There are many adventurous activities as well as entertaining camp activities.

Crazy activities:

Our driver will pick you from your location and will take you to the desert for adventures and fascinating camp activities. The first activity that you will experience in Dubai desert safari is the dune bashing. Those vehicles are used that can be easily ridden over Sand dunes like a land cruiser or hummer etc. It is a crazy ride experience. Do take your sunglasses with you. The next is quad biking. Quad biking at Dubai desert safari is a thrilling experience. The mechanism of a quad bike is very different. Our instructors will guide you. Once you get to know the mechanism of the quad bike, you will not leave the quad bike. The level of quad biking is very high.

Sand skiing or Sandboarding is also available at desert safari Dubai. Experience sliding over the Sand dunes and enjoy. It is like surfing in the ice. You can also try camel riding. Camel is a very friendly animal and it is best adapted in the desert and no difficult mechanism is involved. So you can easily ride on a camel. Camel riding is an interesting activity.

Wait for a little more to watch the sunset. The sky changes its colors so beautifully during sundown. Watching the sunset at a desert is more beautiful because of the Sand dunes.

Entertainment and joy

After the sunset, you will be taken to the campsite so that you can enjoy the camp activities. The camp activities at Dubai desert safari are actually very interesting as the famous tanoura show. It is a folk dance and performers wear a tanoura costume which is full of colors. See the fire show live. The performers are so much talented and they know all the tricks as in how to play with fire. They use fire objects and fire strings to play with fire which leaves the audience in awe. Belly dancing is also going on. The performance of the belly dancers is so magical. Arabic costume photography is like wow. The best part is that you can have your dinner while enjoying all these activities. The dinner is barbeque and buffet. After all the performances are over and you are done with dinner, our driver will drop you back to your location.

Dubai desert safari is actually a unique idea and spends your evening in the desert. Plan your trip to Dubai desert safari and refresh yourself.

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