Dubai Desert Safari


March 21, 2019

Isn’t it pretty obvious that a desert has nothing to do for people who are used to of living in the city and the chaos? Well, you are absolutely wrong since there is a fusion of mesmerizing experiences and amazing adventures at the Desert Safari. You would be thinking what can one do in the sand dunes which are widely spread followed with the scorching heat. I might prove you wrong by providing an overview of why desert has to be interesting through a desert safari.

In order to avail each and every bit of the traditional Arab culture, you have to get soaked in the experiences at the desert safari.



Just like ice skating, there is something known as sand boarding at the desert safari, which is itself a commendable experience. It is just surfing on the sand dunes with a wooden kind of plank mostly known as a skate, just to keep in mind you have to balance it every now and then. Well, it is not considered to be a difficult or risky art since the soft sand is there to protect you from any harm at the desert safari.


If you’re looking forward to Al Kayama desert camp at the desert safari I would suggest you go for an evening desert safari. Since it has heartwarming activities that might include camel riding, sheesha smoking, belly dancing, painting, delicious food barbeque, henna application. The camp life is something one would really like to experience once in a while at the desert safari.


Have you ever wondered how it seems to be on a ride in the high dunes of the desert safari? If not then you are not supposed to miss the stomach-lurching experience filled with thrill and excitement. It is better to have professional assistance and to prevent any harm one is required to wear helmets.


Haven’t you heard camel is the heart of the desert, well of course it is and to experience this vibe you to come to desert safari? It is not only giving you a chance to channel the cultural Arabic vibe but also tells you about how it was in the early times to travel and transport from one place to another. It is highly recommended to feel the swaying camel giving you tickles while it stands up and sits down. You would feel scared at first but would definitely love to have at it another time.


Most of us have always been watching traditional Arabic movies and the desert with steep dunes widely stretched at the Arabian desert. Everyone would want to get on the top of those dunes and experience the sunset or the sunrise. Desert safari provides dune bashing on a quad vehicle where one can feel the wind on the face and a feeling of excitement.

Aren’t all these activities pretty interesting for everyone and without even thinking twice you can book a trip to desert safari and make it worthwhile?

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