Dubai Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari-The perfect trip.

May 31, 2019

If you ever plan to visit Dubai then do go for Dubai desert safari especially Evening Desert safari. Dubai desert safari also offers morning safari and overnight desert safari.

You will get to experience the Arabian culture on this trip.

Why Evening desert safari?

In the evening the environment is so pleasant. The time before sunset is for you to try adventurous activities and after the sunset, you can go around camps and get the feeling of camping at a desert.

Activities that add adventure in the evening and fun in the night.

The activities are so amazing at Dubai desert safari. In the evening, you can try dune bashing, Sandboarding, camel riding, and quad biking. After sunset, you can be a part of camp activities like henna art, belly dance, fire show, tanoura show, and the buffet.

Sand Dunes are crazy.

Set your location and our driver will pick you and will take you to the desert for the adventurous ride. Sand dune bashing is a rough ride but you will enjoy it very much at Desert safari Dubai.

The terrifying four-wheeled bike

You can try quad biking at the Arabian Desert. The four-wheeled bike. It is terrific for people riding for the first time but our team will guide you and it will be a fun ride for you. The members of our team are hard working and well trained.

Camel: Your traveling partner.

Camel riding is also available in the evening. Sit and relax on the back of the camel and camel will take you for the small tour of the Arabian desert with Desert Safari Dubai

The beautiful dusk.

The photography of the dusk is also a part of the evening desert safari. Click all the pictures, make videos and don’t miss the chance.

Camping is a good idea in the Evening Desert Safari.

You can stay at the campsite to enjoy the camp activities like henna art, belly dancing, the tanoura show, the fire show, Arabic costume photography, photography with the royal bird and the delicious, the tasty dinner which includes barbeque and buffet. Have unlimited soft drinks and mineral water. Enjoy coffee or tea or Qahwa in the desert.

The fun part of Dubai desert safari.

Camping is actually fun and camping at the Arabian desert will fascinate you so much. You will enjoy it a lot and I can promise you that.

Evening life.

The evenings are amazing. Like if you are busy in the morning you can plan an evening trip. The evening trip will refresh your soul and you will feel better and energetic. Staying at home in the evening or sleeping in the evening is a bad and boring idea. You should spend your evening in the right way. Book evening desert safari at this website.

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