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The fire show at Dubai desert safari

May 27, 2019

Manipulation with the fire

Desert Safari Dubai camp consists of a fireshow too. Playing with fire is an art at a whole new level. Skills are required and it is practiced by the experienced and trained performers. The fire show is an activity to entertain the audience. It is practiced in many places like the circus, parties, etc.

Fire show at a desert.

Have you heard about a fire show at a desert? I’m sure you must be surprised. Well, Dubai desert safari offers the most amazing deal in which you can see the fire show at the Arabian desert.
The fire show is a part of an overnight desert safari package at Dubai desert safari. It is a part of the camp activity. The atmosphere will be created. All the lights will be turned off and only the dull lights would be there. Then the performers will come with fire on fire strings.

The skills and techniques.

The performer moves the strings in two ways that is the clock-wise and then anti-clockwise. The strategies and tricks are involved which will blow your mind. You will be amazed by the fiery performance of the performers.

The fiery performance.

The performers are too good. They practice it every day and the whole act is performed under supervision. You can enjoy by watching the turns and tricks and click pictures. Upload your stories on social media and feel the performance from your heart.

You will love it.

The whole act is so mesmerizing. Performers wear a specific costume and certain objects are required. The whole show is so epic. The skills include fire eating, fire dancing, fire breathing, etc.

Types of fire shows.

There are many types of fire shows. They include fire and belly dance, ritual fire show, fire theatre, modern fire shows that is fire show with good music, traditional fire show, etc.

The equipment.

The equipment of fire show includes fireball, fire sword, fire stick, poi, well-trained Performers, etc.

Book it now.

Book overnight safari at Dubai desert safari and witness the fiery performance of the performers on your own.

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Camping is so much fun.

An overnight safari is actually a good option if you love camping. The activities are so good. The environment is so lit. You will enjoy the camp activities a lot at Dubai desert safari.

The Arabian flavors.

You can have your dinner while watching the fire show. Buffet and barbeque are there with unlimited soft drinks at. Dubai desert safari. The food is so good. All cooked in Arabian spices. The flavors are too good.
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There are other camp activities as well so after watching the amazing fire show, you can enjoy other activities too like Tanoura show, henna art, belly dancing, etc. You will not regret coming to Dubai desert safari.
Watching the fire show at a desert is a unique idea because at night the desert is so calm and the feeling of the desert is so good. So while sitting at the desert and relaxing you can enjoy the fire show. It will give you goosebumps.

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