Dubai Desert Safari

The love for camping at a desert

May 31, 2019

Dubai Desert Safari is the best activity in Dubai. Camping is an activity planned away from home and is usually done overnight. People going for camping sleeps in camps or tents. It is an outdoor activity. You can go camping at any time of the year. Camping is usually done at natural habitats like forests, mountains, deserts, etc. It is also done at parks, campgrounds, places with more greenery, beaches, etc.

The mode of living in a camp is actually different. It is a whole different experience. There are many camp activities which make camping amazing. While camping, you actually get the feeling of how those people live who don’t have proper homes. Camping is also done for fun. The youth is more involved in camping. There are summer camps, winter camps, etc. There are many organizations involved now that promote camp activities. Camping is also a source of earning these days.

Camping and tourism at Dubai Desert Safari.

Tourists are really fond of camping and they plan trips to forests, mountains and to those places where they are more close to nature. I believe that camping in a desert is better and more fascinating. This is because the deserts are usually cool at night and the feel of the desert is more soothing.

Camping at Dubai Desert Safari:

Camping at the Arabian desert is increasing day by day and the whole credit goes to the Dubai desert safari. The camp activities are so lit that you cannot stop yourself from planning your trip for Dubai desert safari. Dubai desert safari offers overnight safari. It is an amazing package for those who are fond of camping. People who have never tried camping, I am sure starting camping from a desert will amuse you.

Fire show:

The fiery, the famous fire show. It involves playing with fire. Skills and perfection are required. The performers are crazy and they will astonish you.

The beautiful spin and turns of Tanoura Dance:

The folk dance or the tanoura show is the next in demand. The performers wear a skirt and take a spin around. It represents an Arabian culture and is peaceful to the soul.

Colors of henna:

The henna painting is another favored activity. Henna artists at Dubai desert safari are so experienced. They will decorate your hands with beautiful henna designs.

The graceful belly dance:

The belly dancing is also amazing. The dancers practice a lot for the final day. They know the moves. They have special costumes for this.

Arabic costume.

Arabic costume photography is something you will love a lot. Get the feel of the Arabs at a desert. Wear the Arabic costume and take pictures.

Dinner at Dubai Desert Safari:

To satisfy your cravings, delicious food is served. The dinner is so mouth-watering and includes buffet and barbeque. The famous Qahwa is also served.

After all the camp activities are over and you feel sleepy then you can go into your camps. Sleep bags and blankets will be provided to you. If you don’t want to sleep early then you can also spend your time in the desert. You can sit alone or with your loved ones and get the vibe of the desert.

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