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The Perfect Evening at the Arabian desert with Dubai Desert Safari

May 27, 2019

The evening plans at Dubai Desert Safari:

We usually plan our evenings like going for a buffet, for a walk, a friend’s house, etc. When we are out of the country for a trip or for a vacation then we try our best to make the most of the day and to cover everything because we have a very short time. We spend our evenings in a restaurant, shopping center, parks, garden, museum and we visit the important places that are famous in the respective country.

Evening at Dubai Desert Safari. The perfect idea.

Have you ever planned your evening in a desert?  You must be thinking like why would someone plan their evening at a desert right? But imagine yourself at a desert in the evening. Usually what happens is that we do plan our trip to the desert but after reaching the desert we get lost in the Sand dunes and we get confused like from where to start. So I know you might not think of visiting a desert that too in the evening. But what if I tell you about a desert that is worth visiting and you can actually visit any time? I am talking about the Arabian desert at Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The adventure at the Arabian desert and the amazing activities are all organized and managed by the Dubai desert safari.

The Wow factors of Dubai Desert Safari.

Evening desert safari is the most amazing deal at Desert safari Dubai. Do you know why? Let me tell you. This is because if you book the evening desert safari then you can experience the wonderful adventures and you can go for amazing camp activities as well.

Book it!

To book your evening desert safari at Desert Safari Dubai, go the website below and book the evening desert safari.

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The idea is actually amazing.

The journey of adventures and fun.

Your trip will start when our driver will pick you from your location and will take you to the Arabian desert. The adventures will start from here. You can start with Dune bashing. The different vehicle is required which is the land cruiser mostly. After Dune bashing you can try quad biking, camel riding, and Sandboarding.

The sunsets are beautiful.

After the adventures, you can stay in the desert. Wait for the sunset because it is so beautiful in the desert and sunset photography is a must. Sunsets are amazing in the desert.

The Camp.

Your next stop is going to be the camp. Camping at a desert is like wow. The camp activities will double the fun. The camp activities are the fire show, the tanoura show, henna painting, belly dancing, music, Arabic costume photography at the dinner is also served. You can have refreshments. Unlimited soft drinks and mineral water is available. All of this is included in the package.

Don’t miss a chance of having a splendid evening at a desert. The Arabian desert is beautiful and the activities are also unique and mesmerizing. You will love your trip.

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